viernes, 2 de abril de 2010

Jedi Mind Tricks presents King Syze-The Labor Union (2008)

01-king syze-the labor union
02-king syze- the best
03-king_syze-play ya part p.y.p ft. doap nixon and ill bill
04-king syze-creep show ft. lawrence amell and king magnetic
05-king syze-love vs. hate
06-king syze-cement work
07-king syze-haters beware ft. planet
08-king syze-mayhem ft. aotp
09-king syze-thats how you rap
10-king syze-and now ft. vinnie paz and apathy
11-king syze-pain
12-king syze-sibling rivalry pt. 2 ft. outerspace
13-king syze-reality check

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